mPower Piedmont


MPower initiative is about giving students opportunities through Alabama's first and only "One-to-one" initiative, where students in grades 4-12 are provided Macbooks . Our system feels an obligation to provide students with the tools they need to be successful in any career area they choose to pursue.

The goal of MPower Piedmont is to transform our community. We are seeing that begin to happen. It is really a source of pride for our community. We have over 500 homes in our town that have a computer for the first time due to this initiative. We are working on providing on-line GED classes for parents and older siblings of our students. Additionally, we will provide computer classes for the community that will be taught by high school students.

Our initiative has expanded our students ability to expand their academic goals by placing global information within reach. Non-typical foreign languages such as German and Latin, Distance computer programming, and Online Health Education are examples of the expanded curriculum offered.